LAH Pathways Run 2022 Organizers Page

Welcome 2022 Run organizers!  This is a special hidden website page just for event organizers and those helping to promote the event.  Please share the link to this page only to those that are interested in helping promote or organize the run.

There are multiple shared Google Documents to help share and distribute the work of promoting the run and also recruiting volunteers and other organizational tasks.

Here is a list of the primary event organizers.  We can easily add more if needed.  Please contact one of us so we can add you to the this page.

  • Scott Vanderlip  – Race Director – website, marketing, course set up,  logo
  • Email:  cell 650 793-0475
  • Sarah Robustelli <> – LAH staff  Parks/Rec – Race organizer, website, marketing, facebook, event planner, and sponsors
  • Chris  Knopf – – LAH staff Parks/Rec, organizer, website, marketing, facebook, event planner, and sponsors
  • Liza Hitchner <> – Race organizer – marketing, event planning
  • Susan Bourgan – <>Marketing Outreach to schools and local community
  •  Suzanne Kasso <> – Covington school running club contact
  • Lara Salamacha <> BCS contact

Sponsor Out reach

This google doc has a list of sponsors that have been contacted or suggested or sign up

2022 Sponsor Outreach Google doc

Marketing Outreach Google Doc

This document is a list of individual, organizations, contacts that we plan to provide some outreach to.  Feel to edit or append new outreach contacts to this document.  At the beginning of each year’s marketing effort we clear out the notes of who  contacted the persons or organizations so we can include new 2022  information into the fields.

If you do outreach to one of the contacts listed on the spreadsheet, please note and update the spreadsheet that you did a followup with a date so we don’t duplicate efforts.  Feel free to add new outreach contacts to the list as well.

2022 Marketing Outreach google doc

 Volunteers Google Doc

This document is meant to be a shared document where we can list groups we have contacted to recruit run volunteers as well as lists for volunteers coming to the event.

2022 Volunteer Info Spreadsheets – Google Doc

 Documents and text for your outreach messages-

Here are some links to various press release and marketing out reach documents for various audiences and outlets.  Click on the document and copy and paste the information into your outreach messages.

General run press release for papers, media


Store Posters – 8 1/2 x 11 sized posters or make bigger as needed

(Word doc poster – To print on 8 1/2 x 11 color printed)

poster2022  (Word document – 8 1/2 x 11 post for printing for stores)

Just the graphic/logo below: Click on it for full size resolution –

Special text for your personal friends, your own organizations if you are planning on attending yourself and run yourself, etc.

TO DO LIST-  (edited by race administrators/ volunteers)

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