Los Altos Hills Pathways Logo Artwork!

Feel free to take these images and print your own posters! Enjoy!


 Los Altos Hills Pathways Run 2022 Poster Artist –

Local  Los Altos Hills artist and avid runner Scott Vanderlip has created several of the logos used for the pathways run for the past 20 years.   He enjoys combining, art, humor, community, environmental messages, and exercise into the run theme shirts and is happy to personally sign your shirt at the race!

2022 Pathways Run/Walk Art – Celebration of 20 years of the Pathways Run

2020* / 2021 Artwork

(*2020 Race was canceled entirely)


2019 Artwork

The artwork for the 2019 is cross stitch.  Although the shirt won’t have the correct fabric to do a real cross stitch, we encourage those who wish to print this image on suitable fabric and make their own Pathways Run Sampler!  Click on the image below to get a high resolution version of the JPG image.

Artwork Sized@10"wide ALT COLORS

2018 Artwork


2017 Poster

The 2017 year’s theme is coloring books and the therapy of coloring!

Pathways Illustration

2016 Poster

This year’s theme is to help raise awareness about the importance of bees and bee pollinators.  We can all do our part to BEE FRIENDLY to our bees and everyone.  Click on the image below to get a full size JPG image suitable for printing to poster size.

Click on the image to get a high resolution JPG suitable for poster printing!

Poster art

2015 Poster –

Last year’s Run Wild – Wild Flower theme will be specially printed with 8 colors on Made in American cotton t-shirt shirts.  Don’t miss this getting this year’s collectors shirt!

Pathways ARTWORK on Safety Blue

Click on the image to get a full sized image

2014 Poster

Pathways on BROWN
Click on the image to get a full size resolution image



For the past 13 years that Los Altos Hills Pathways run has been organized, a unique poster graphic was created for each run.

If you wish, you can take the PDF or jpg images and get them printed at local copy shops that can print full poster sized prints of the run logo graphics.  These are larger (2-3 MB) PDF files that allows you to print 16×24 inch posters.

run2002 PDF

run2003 PDF







run2010 poster

run2011 poster

run2012 poster

run2013 poster

run 2014 Poster  

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