2021 Race Results

Race Results for LAH Pathways Official Courses and non official courses with DIY timing!

5K Course Results


5K LAH Pathways Course Results

M/F Runners Name Time MM:SS
Pos Comment
60-69 F Merie Stineman 69:00    
40-49 F Chandra Kannan 120:00   Looking forward to pant to the finish line
0-9 M

Huskador “Buddy”

(1 year old, adopted husky/golden lab)

61:30   I could have had a new world’s record, but leash constrained by slow walker
60-69 F Connie Truesdel 140:00    
70+ M Steven Wade 94:20    
50-59 F Carol Carpenter 39:30    
60-69 M Alan Glendinning 56:22    
60-69 F Meg Gerstner 57:20    
70+ M Steven Wade 76:01    
50-59 F Jillian Yang 39:58    
70+ F Erika Wells 86:00    
70+ M Patrick Champagne 41:28   loved the downhill parts!
60-70 F Taylor Vanderlip 67:00    
40-49 M Allister Lundberg 27:19    
30-39 Other Rishi & Tharu 92:42   we WOULD have completed the course in 30 minutes, but we stopped along the way to watch the horses, a snake on the trail, and a coyote! 😉
70+ F Cathleen Gunderson     Still breathing
10-19 M Aiden Lundberg 38:00    
70+ M Steven Wade 69:02    
60-69 M George Tyson Didn’t keep track   Very fun to enjoy this route with new (vaccinated) friends
70+ F Liz Wilson 77:03    
70+ M Walt Wilson 76:52    
60-69 M Bruce Christenson 40:53   jello legs by the finish, but the views were worth it!
60-60 F Lisa Mitchell 80:00  
Comment about your fabulous race time (should be funny): Slow but I did it (with lot’s of help from my husband)!
60-69 M Joe Mitchell 80:00    
70+ F Freda Hofland 90:00   How about an age category for 80+ for my husband? 🙂
70+ F Mira Nagrani 1:18:19    
70+ M Lawrence Hooser 215:58   The hills were alive with those annoying flies

5K results – non official 5K course
AGE  M/F Name Time Pos C

10K Results  Official LAH Pathways Course


Age M/F Runners Name Time Pos Comment
 50-59  M  Rick McConnell  48:03   Only missed one turn. Maybe two.
 60-69  F  Marian Richard  75:43   So fast, I couldn’t see the other competitors. Ha!
70+ F Trisha Clifford 156:44   70+++++++!
40-40 F Cate Bennett 120:00   I think I went the right way this time.
40-49 F Nancy Wilkening 2:01:18   I could have used a drink about halfway though.
70+ M Bradford Baugh 71:00    
40-49 M Felix Hernandez-Campos 66:18   Bummer, I couldn’t take any shortcuts with a such well-marked race course. My competitors would have noticed right away! 😀
40-49 F Erin Page 68:17   “Stopped to smell the roses” on those hills!
50-59 M Rhett Livengood 55:03   running wild past horses, people, rabbits, squirrels on beautiful Thursday
0-9 M

Huskador “Buddy”

1 year old, adopted husky/golden lab

151:30   LAH 5K –> 10K –> Iditarod next
50-59 F Carla Holmes 56:18   Relieved to finish in under an hour 🙂
0-9 F Nala (Dog) 92:58   12lb rocket
50-59 M John Lunsford 53:55   Thank you! This was much more fun than staying home working on my tax return (though I did miss the Good Earth blueberry coffee cake!). 😉
40-49 M Ben Heng 59:22   Great to be back, though a little lonely…
60-69 F Karen Drexler 104.07    
50-59 M Dave Payne 63:55   I was sluggish in the last couple miles compared to last time I did this, due to mid-afternoon heat that I’m not used to, getting confused about the course which sapped motivation on the hills in the heat, insufficient food, and perhaps still recovering from Sunday COVID shot 2. Yeah, a lot of excuses, and I’ll take them all! 🙂
50-59 M Brian Sterling 57:09   I came, I saw, I walked the steep parts
10-19 F Julia Salamacha 57:11   The post-run muffin made it worth it
60-69 F Lisa Schmidt 01:39:00   Perfect day and great company!
0-9 F Sealy (Sealy is a fast girl. She could have done it much faster without her human slowing her down.) 99:24   My mom slowed me down

10K Non LAH Pathways Course

Age M/F Name Time Pos C
60-69 F Leslie Kleitman 142:00   Our walking course included climbing 1500 feet of elevation, as well as stopping to visit with a friendly dog and get a pebble out of my shoe.