Welcome to the Los Altos Hills

Pathways  Run -Walk Challenge 2021

Maps and Special Challenge Instructions

For the 2021 run/walk event, you can do a 1mile, 5K ,or 10K from anywhere! If you choose to do the actual course from the Saturday, May 1st to Sunday, May 9th we have included additional information below that will come in handy.  If you complete the course  we encourage you to record your time and REGISTER it on the website.  Registering your time is FREE!

When out on the course, please follow the current social distancing and masking requirements.

It is important that you:

  • Open and close completely any horse gates when you enter or exit Byrne Preserve during your run/walk. There are ten school  horses pastured in Byrne Preserve. You will need to close the gates to ensure they secure.
  • You can run/walk on the exterior pathways at Westwind Community Barn area, however the Barn structure is not open to the public.
  • Exercise extreme caution around horses, slow down and walk, don’t make loud notices, and yield to horses and equestrians.
  • Dogs are permitted as long as they are on leash.


Below are two different map choices.

MAP 1: Click on the links below to display an image that you can display on your device or print at home ahead of time.

MAP 2: This link will send you to an on-line map program showing the routes that includes a GPS locate yourself option to enable on your phone device.

MAP 1:

There are three courses for this race. All three are hilly, trail courses on Los Altos Hills Pathways in Bryne Preserve.  Below are three maps describing the various race courses.  Click on the map link below to show the PDF map as required.  The photos page will show you various points along the course to get an idea of the terrain.

Map 2: Online GPS map

online map of LAH Pathways run courses

Click HERE to view an interactive online GPS driven map of the routes

Course Elevation Profiles:

5K Elevation Profile