Run With Granny

The LAH Pathways Run/Walk Hike event is unique in that we encourage runners, walkers, hikers of all ages and ability to come out and explore and learn more about the LAH Pathways.    If you don’t know about our Pathways and it’s running, walking and hiking options,  this is a great event to learn more and find other hiking buddies to enjoy them with after the event.

This year we like to encourage “Run With Granny” –  Grand parents who are able to hike, walk, or run  with their grand kids in the event.  With the various routes options of 5K, 10K and even 1 mile routes, there is probably an event you can participate in with the Run with the Granny  Group!

Karen, a local LAH resident has been participating in  the Pathways run/walk since it was started 15 years ago.  Now we she enjoys the event with her grand daughter.  You can too!

Run with Granny!
Run with Granny!

So if you consider yourself a good hiker,  this might be the time to break into community trail hiking events where you get a shirt and medal.  Invite your hiking friends to join you on this fun event.