Bee Houses

This year as part of registration,  you will have an option to purchase your own Mason bee home for $25/house.

Come home from the Pathways Run/Walk with your own Mason Bee home. Order one for your home with your run registration



Optionally purchase your own Mason bee home for your own residence. This Mason bee home includes 50 tubes and liners which has a capacity of around 250 bees. This is enough to pollinate any small to medium size home orchard and garden.

BEE the first one on your block with a BEE home and order this Bee home with your registration. You can pick it up at Pathways Run/Walk or at LAH town hall later depending upon your registration date.

The Mason bee homes are constructed with high quality, salvaged Western Red Cedar. They are ready to be stained, painted the color of your choice, varnished – or left to weather naturally.

These Mason bee houses are carefully designed to provide a home for the extremely calm, native and effective beneficial pollinator called the Orchard Mason bee.

Here are some resources about Mason Bees

For more information on how to set up your Mason bee home, please view the Mason Bee house vendors website resource page.