paw1Congratulations to all of

the finishers of the 2014

Los Altos Hills Pathways Run/Walk

Check out Run 2014 photos from LAH Youth Comission from the event!



Saturday, May 10, 2014 – 9 AM

Westwind Community Barn – Los Altos Hills, CA

Pathways on BROWN

Start tracking at the Los Altos Hills Pathways Run/Walk.   Come run, walk and track the variety of Los Altos Hills pathways users from mountain lions, to snakes, California quail, barefoot runners, equestrians, foxes, lost hikers and much more.  This year’s we are celebrating the diversity of pathways users by finding their foot print tracks on the pathways dirt trails.

Polish your tracking skills while running or walking with friends and family at this fun, community event.  Special tracking events, games and prizes will make this event not one to miss.  A special Los Altos Hills Pathways tracking guide shirt will be provided to all Pathways Run/Walk entrants to get you tracking to aid in track identification.



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